Who reports fraud to us?

Frauds committed will be reported to Anti-Fraud Action; from Individuals up to larger corporations and financial Institutions.

Fraud is a crime that can happen to anyone. There are many types of fraud from complex scams that are carried out over long periods of time, for example, dating scams, mortgage fraud and investment scams.

Often when someone is a victim of a fraud they are not certain if a crime has been committed or how to report what has happened to them. Many frauds go unreported by victims because of personal embarrassment. It is likely that if a fraud has been committed against you someone else may have suffered a similar crime. The more individuals report, the more likely it is that fraudsters will be arrested, charged and convicted.

Corporations can be targeted by fraudsters online through hacking, account compromise or online extortion. Employee fraud may also be an issue in terms of abuse of expense policies and corporate credit card accounts. More serious crimes are money laundering and embezzlement.

Report Fraud